The Run To the Top Podcast Has a New Host (and it’s me!)

I’ve been waiting nearly three years to write this.

When Tina Muir, the original host of the number one running podcast left to start her own business, I applied for her old job as the host of Run To the Top.

I didn’t get it.

But I have been podcasting ever since on RTTT’s sister show, The Extra Kick. The coaches at Runners Connect each take a week of each month recording mini, daily podcast episodes on training, nutrition, and all things running.

But now, I actually get to talk to other people!

This week, starting February 5th, 2020, the transition episode goes live. Stephanie Kay Atwood, the host of the show for the last 2 years, records her final episode and passes the baton to me.

You can listen to our episode together here:

My first episode hosting the show goes live the following Wednesday, February 12!

The goal with the new show is to make it less of a celebrity-style interview and more about actionable tips and ideas that can help transform your running today. I’ll be interviewing athletes, coaches, and leaders in the running sphere, getting their expert advice on how we all can become better runners.

With nearly 4 million unique downloads, I’ve got some big shoes to fill and I am so excited about this opportunity!

The most important thing you can do to help the show is to spread the word and leave a review on iTunes.

I’d love to hear what you think!

18 Replies to “The Run To the Top Podcast Has a New Host (and it’s me!)”

  1. Congratulations Claire! No one better qualified and no one I’d rather listen to! Looking forward to tuning in!
    1. Thank you, Meg! I'm beyond excited. But don't worry, coaching my athletes is still my first love!
  2. This is great news! I’m going to re-subscribe right away :)
    1. I appreciate that, Karen. My first solo show will be February 12!
  3. Congrats, Claire. Can't wait to hear your upcoming shows.
    1. Thanks, John. My first solo show goes live February 12!
  4. Congratulations Claire! Great news, you are my favourite podcaster on the Extra Kick, and tbh I stopped listening to RTTT once Tina left as I didn´t really enjoy the new format. Time to resuscribe.. best of luck xx
    1. Thanks for your support, Carmen!
  5. Jenny McBrayer says: Reply
    YES!!!!!! I love you on the Extra Kick and I'm excited to hear the changes coming!
    1. Thank you so much, Jenny!
  6. Mazel tov! While I've seen your feet, Claire (at Zap camp), and they don't look all that big, I've no doubt that, metaphorically speaking, they'll do a more than admirable job of filling Stephanie's Nikes or Brooks or whatever. And yes, insights into how our runners' bodies and minds work, and sometimes don't, in other words, the "actionable" stuff, is definitely the way to go! - Jerry
    1. Ha! Thanks,Jerry. I'll be looking for your feedback.
  7. SO SO SO SO happy to hear this!!!! I can't imagine a better person to take this podcast to the next level. I'm excited to see where you take things, what guests you get to speak with and where this takes you professionally . - Michael
    1. Thank you, Michael. Your support means everything.
  8. Svetlana Hemsley says: Reply
    Claire I am so happy and excited! I loved your coaching advice on RC and your weeks on EK podcasts. You are such a talent, knowledgeable, engaging and down-to-earth practical. Looking forward to the 12th February! Xx
    1. I appreciate your kind words, Svetlana!
  9. Congrats Claire! This is really good news. I'll look forward to hearing the podcast every week. I'm excited to hear where you're going with it.
    1. Thank you so much, Cynthia!

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