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The best of both worlds:  truly custom training with coaching, community, and exclusive content.

The Power of the Group

Humans are social creatures.  Science has shown that we perform better with others, which is why many runners get the best from themselves when racing, rather than running alone.

It's not always possible, practical, or even desirable to run every run with others.  But when you train with a team, even an online team, you can get the same benefits.  You stay accountable to your goals, share in the success of others, and support each other every step of the way.

Once you experience how a group of like-minded runners can supercharge your own training, you'll wonder why you didn't join the team sooner!

what you get

 A Truly Custom Plan

Coach Claire will personally create and customize your plan to fit your unique goals, experience, and lifestyle.  Your digital workout schedule is designed to progress your running to meet your goals.  All to fit your unique fitness, lifestyle, and ability.

Easy-to-Use App

Your custom training plan is powered by the amazing digital coaching app Final Surge, which syncs to and from your running watch and phone and computer so everything is instantly logged and organized.   Simple to use, you'll have everything you need to train your best at your fingertips.

Follow Along Sessions

Work out at home or in the gym with minimal or no equipment with some of Claire's favorite trainers.  Strength, mobility, stretching and more routines are all included, right when you need them to support your running goals.

Build Mental Strength

Weekly video mental strength workouts, based on science and designed by Claire, to build mental muscle each week

Nutrition and Training Tips

Access to exclusive resources on effective training, nutrition and fueling, race strategy and more

Coaching and Support

You don't have to DIY your training plan, join a Facebook group, or suffer through another Zoom call.  You'll learn how to be a better runner and get all your questions answered in 3 unique ways. 

final surge social wall

A private, built-in community space right in your training app.  Learn, ask questions, share workouts, and join the community.

Coach Office Hours

Access to Coach Claire at specified times to get questions asked that you'd rather not share in a group.

PRivate Podcast

Exclusive to Coach Claire's athletes, you'll get access to her private podcast where she'll answer your questions on air and give tailored training advice.  Listen on your run instead of being stuck at your desk!

How It Works

When you are ready to take your running, nutrition and mindset to the next level with a truly custom race plan with support, here are the next steps:


Choose your plan below and complete your payment.  Spaces are limited and the link will update to a waitlist when full.


Claire will personally email you a survey detailing your experience, goals, and lifestyle and invite you to create your FREE athlete account with Final Surge. This is NOT an automated process, so please allow one business day to receive your email.


Coach Claire will create a custom training schedule built just for you, which includes all your running, strength training, mental strength workouts, training and nutrition tips and more!  Since everything is completely custom, please allow 24-48 business hours for everything to get set up just for you.


Use your custom plan to train smarter and better than ever.  Ask questions, introduce yourself to the community, and get answers on the run with Coach Claire's weekly private podcast.


Can I get my questions answered privately?

If you have a personal issue or injury, you may want to message Coach Claire directly and she will respond during normal business hours.  But in general, you should be comfortable posting your training questions to the group.  You will most likely get an answer first from a member of the team who's been through it before!

How is this different from 1:1 weekly coaching?

With team coaching, you get access to a private weekly podcast that Coach Claire creates from the questions submitted to the Social Wall and from what she sees in the team training that week.  You have a team atmosphere where everyone cheers each other on and supports each other through tough times as well.  All your questions will be answered either directly in the group or on the private podcast.  You will get the most out of the team if you are comfortable sharing in a group and enjoy a community feel.

With 1:1 weekly coaching, everything you ask is private between you and Coach Claire.  She will go through your training each week, give comments and feedback and make sure that you are on track, one on one.  You can apply for 1:1 coaching here.

do I have to share my training with others?

No.  Your training schedule, paces, and results are completely private to you and Coach Claire.  You are encouraged to post your wins and workouts to the Social Wall, but that is completely optional.  You can simply ask questions and participate in the group without sharing your data.

What if I get sick or injured?

Even though your training is carefully planned to keep you strong and injury-free, runners do sometimes get injured.  But this is actually when a supportive community and coach can help you the most!  

Coach Claire can update your schedule to plan the appropriate cross training and strength work to get you back up and running sooner.  She will work with you following recommendations from your in-person providers (physical therapists, primary care doctor, etc) to help you get back on track.  And the team will be there to help you through those rough patches of not running with the support you need!

What are the team trainings and workshops all about?

Coach Claire creates trainings, courses, and holds online events to help runners just like you. The PR Team gets first dibs and free access to these included in their membership!  

Examples are a workshop on how to plan a year of running, how to strength train effectively for your goals, or how to transition to a more plant-based diet with less worry.  These are events that you can join live or watch recorded later at your convenience.

What Claire's Athletes Say


I am beyond grateful for Coach Claire, her program and how she coaches me.

In just a few short weeks I have learned so much about running, and about myself and what I am capable of. It has been an amazing journey! Thank you!

planted runner


The time I worked with Coach Claire was hugely impactful, informative and transformative. Coach Claire is a wealth of knowledge and an accomplished runner herself.  I would highly recommend working with Coach Claire to take your running and wellness to the next level.


Claire is wonderful to partner with if you are looking to push forward in your running journey. She listens to you and ensures the plan works with your goals and your daily life.

pricing Options


Try out the team atmosphere one quarter at a time.

  • 3 months of custom training with unlimited adjustments
  • Community Membership with feedback on workouts posted to team page
  • Access to weekly office hours with Coach Claire
  • Exclusive access to team trainings and workshops
  • Access to private PR podcast



Billed Quarterly ($297)


Incredible value (3 months FREE) and priority access.

  • 12 months of custom training with unlimited adjustments
  • Community Membership with feedback on workouts posted to team page
  • Priority access to weekly office hours with Coach Claire
  • Exclusive access to team trainings and workshops
  • Access to private PR podcast



Billed Annually ($900)

Download the app for FREE

Coach Claire uses Final Surge, the premier athlete/coaching tool to provide you with the best training experience.  Paired with your custom Planted Runner schedule, you can log, track, rearrange, and analyze your own training.  Become a better runner today!


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