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    Kiarri// Marathon

    I really wanted to keep getting faster in my forties, but didn’t know how. I reached out to Coach Claire after hearing her talk about her success racing faster as a masters athlete. She was really encouraging and identified some areas where I could improve right away. She got me into a regular strength training routine that was easy to integrate into my busy schedule, and she helped me get better at hydrating and eating during long runs. Coach Claire also introduced workouts that gave me the strength and confidence to run hard when the race gets tough. I am proud to say that I not only shaved nearly 6 minutes off my PB, but I also got a negative split for the first time ever! I really enjoyed her positive energy and thoughtful encouragement, and I can’t wait to see where her coaching takes me next. 

    Melissa// Marathon

    I toed the line to my most recent marathon feeling excited, confident, and very prepared to run my best race ever. The training plan Coach Claire provided included not only pace specific workouts but strength training, mobility, nutrition tips, mental challenges and more!

    Kim// Marathon

    I've been a runner for many years but haven't had a coach since high school. After realizing at age 42 that I had still had many years of running ahead of me with the proper training, I decided to invest in a coach to help me. Coach Claire was a tremendous support as I spent many months base building and ultimately training for my 7th marathon. In addition to taking out the stress of making my own training plans, I appreciated having someone with whom I could debrief about my workouts and ask questions. As someone who is very knowledgeable about running (I even coach runners myself!), I wasn't initially convinced of the value for me, but I quickly realized what I had been missing out on trying to coach myself. Coach Claire enhanced my experience and has helped me build a foundation to keep running for years to come!

    Rachel// Marathon

    I had Coach Claire in mind for months! Mostly due to her amazing podcast. Her blogs and recipes are a must too! Once I started working with her, running felt super enjoyable. As the training went on, I noticed the increase in speed and strength gains, as well as feeling great! No workout burnouts or overtraining. The speeds I’m at now are speeds I only dreamed of before working with her. Coach Claire cares how you feel, how your run was, what your goals are, and understands how life can get into your training schedule. She motivates me to be my best and gives exceptional feedback. Coach Claire knows the research behind the why’s us runners ask. I’m a big fan of how she brings science into the equation of running. Working with her has made me a smarter, healthier, stronger, and faster runner.

    Katie//Half Marathon

    Claire is wonderful to partner with if you are looking to push forward in your running journey. She listens to you and ensures the plan works with your goals and your daily life.

    Colleen// Marathon

    I began working with Coach Claire in preparation for my first marathon. She was encouraging when the workouts were tough, and taught me to trust the process. It was Coach Claire’s belief in me, and her positive and realistic feedback through the process, that helped me hit my goals, and the result was a BQ in my first marathon! Coach Claire clearly loves running and coaching runners of all ages and abilities. I’m eager to see where her coaching will take my running next!

    Ameila// 5k

    I started working with Coach Claire with the goal of a fast 5k in mind.  I finished the quarter with that and something even better.  Through the training program, I rekindled my love of running.  Working together virtually gave me the accountability I needed and the strcuture and resources I never would have found on my own.

    planted runner

    Shane// 5k

    I had the pleasure of working with Coach Claire with the goal of increasingtop end speed and producing a PB in the 5K. In 4 short months, CoachClaire's holistic approach (mind, speed, and strength training) has made mefaster and a more well rounded runner and athlete.The time I worked with Coach Claire was hugely impactful;informative and transformative. Coach Claire is a wealth of knowledge andan accomplished runner herself. From the 5K to the marathon; seasonedveteran to beginner, I would highly recommend working with Coach Claire totake your running and wellness to the next level.

    Tony// 10k

    Claire is a gift. I’ve been fussing and fretting about my training for weeks now. This feels so much better and right for where I am right now!

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