Optimal performance custom designed for you

There is something inside you that you know can unlock.

You can run faster and feel better than ever before and reach your full potential.

So what is holding you back?

You have probably read running books and searched the internet for the answers. Chances are you’ve followed an online training program with decent results, but you aren’t able to access what you know you can really do.

Or maybe you are a vegan runner, a plant-based runner, or just a plant curious runner and want a coach that understands you.

If this sounds like you, I know exactly what you are feeling, because this was me at one time. And the way that I was able to tap into my true personal and athletic ability was to hire a coach.

I went from being a 4:02 marathoner to finishing in 2:58 at age 42 without ever really running much before, entirely fueled by a plant-based diet.

Coaching and plants made all the difference.

My passion for running has only been surpassed by my passion for helping others achieve their goals. I have helped hundreds of athletes of all abilities (plant-based or not) reach their dream fitness aspirations and I can help you, too.

Structure of Your Success

There are three crucial components to any successful fitness plan: nutrition, mindset, and training. By learning to develop all three of these aspects in harmony, there is nothing to stop you from hitting the goals you dream about.

Nutrition is Fuel

This is not about restrictive diets, going 100% vegan, or giving up your favorite foods and drinks!

This is about making simple, incremental changes that make you feel better every day. This is about what nourishes your body and gives you the fuel to look and run your best.

Running can play a big role in losing or maintaining your weight, but the food that you eat matters far more and I help you navigate your unique challenges.

Mindset Matters

I focus on performance-based mental training and habit change.

Having someone to talk to in detail about what you are thinking and how it affects your performance and health is critical to doing your best. 

Without a doubt, in-depth personalized coaching is the best way to put these lessons into practice and skyrocket your fitness.

Training With Results

race 5k

A basic, cookie-cutter training plan will give you basic results. If you are looking for optimal results, you need optimized training, built just for you.

I will make your training more interesting, more fun, and more effective than ever.

I will create new ways to train specifically for the course you have chosen, whether it’s a hilly trail race, a pancake flat marathon, or a multi-day adventure.

Even you don’t have a race on the horizon right now, or if you aren’t running much right now, that doesn’t need to stop you. Your best fitness doesn’t have to be limited to racing or events. You can do it for you!

The bottom line is that having a dedicated, experienced coach on your side can take your fitness to heights beyond your imagination.

It’s time to invest in yourself.

If you are ready to take the next step in your fitness journey, schedule a time to talk with me on the phone to learn more and get started today.


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