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There is something inside you that you know can unlock. You can run faster and feel better than ever before and reach your full potential. We'll show you how.

Reach your running potential at any age

You have big dreams and goals. Chances are you’ve followed an online training program with decent results, but you haven't been able to access what you know you can really do.

Or maybe you are a vegan runner, a plant-based runner, or just a plant curious runner and want a coach that understands you.  Someone with a proven track record of success with runners like you.

Coach Claire has helped hundreds of runners of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds discover their true potential.  As an athlete herself, she transformed from a 4:02 marathoner to a 2:58 finisher at age 42, all on a plant-based diet.

The Structure of Your Success

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Nutrition is Fuel

This is not about restrictive diets, going 100% vegan, or giving up your favorite foods and drinks!

This is about making simple, incremental changes that make you feel better every day. This is about what nourishes your body and gives you the fuel to look and run your best.

Running can play a big role in losing or maintaining your weight, but the food that you eat matters far more and Coach Claire will help you navigate your unique challenges.

Mindset Matters

Your plan will focus on performance-based mental training and habit change.

Having someone to talk to in detail about what you are thinking and how it affects your performance and health is critical to doing your best.

Without a doubt, in-depth personalized coaching is the best way to put these lessons into practice and skyrocket your fitness.

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avoid tummy trouble on the run
training with results

A basic, cookie-cutter training plan will give you basic results. If you are looking for optimal results, you need optimized training, built just for you.

Coach Claire will make your training more interesting, more fun, and more effective than ever.

Your online plan is built with Final Surge, the premier coaching app and will include all your running, strength training, mobility, stretching and more.

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What You Get

This program is for you if you are looking to optimize your running with plant-based nutrition and unlock the power of your mind. You do not have to be vegan or vegetarian runner to join, just open to incorporating more whole foods into your life!

Coach Claire works with adult runners of all ages at all stages in their journeys, from beginners who are starting mainly walking up to Master's Champions. So no need to worry about being too slow or too much of a beginner to start!

Her quarterly programs use the amazing digital coaching app Final Surge, which syncs to and from your running watch and phone so everything is instantly logged and organized.  Your schedule includes your running, follow along strength sessions, training and nutrition tips and more!

Your Unique Training Plan

Custom digital workout schedule, including running and strength training, that fit your unique fitness, lifestyle, and goals, fully adjustable based on your progress

Accountability and Feedback

Personalized coach feedback/analysis and support on all workouts, with available access for all of your nutrition and training questions

Build Mental Strength

Weekly video mental strength workouts, based on science and designed by Claire, to build mental muscle each week

What You Need, When You Need It

 Access to exclusive resources on training, nutrition/fueling, race strategy and more

How It Works

When you are ready to take your running, nutrition and mindset to the next level with truly personal training, here are the next steps:


Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation with Coach Claire to be sure the program is right for you.


Choose which level of service works best for you.  Personal coaching services start at $125/month and are billed quarterly.


Complete a survey detailing your experience, goals, and lifestyle and create your FREE athlete account with Final Surge.


Coach Claire will create a custom training schedule built just for you, which includes all your running, strength training, mental strength workouts, training and nutrition tips and more!  Since everything is completely custom, please allow 24-48 business hours for everything to get set up just for you.

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