“I began working with Coach Claire in preparation for my first marathon. I’d been running less than a year, and had a lot of questions. Coach Claire wrote my training plan and helped me plan my strategy for race day. She was encouraging when the workouts were tough, and taught me to trust the process.  It was Coach Claire’s belief in me, and her positive and realistic feedback through the process, that helped me hit my goals. She pushed me just past my comfort zone, and the result was a BQ in my first marathon! Coach Claire clearly loves running and coaching runners of all ages and abilities. I’m eager to see where her coaching will take my running next!”

~Colleen B.


“Claire is a gift. I’ve been fussing and fretting about my training for weeks now. This feels so much better and right for where I am right now!”

~Tony W.


“Coach Claire is the perfect mix of running knowledge and relatability! She has a knack for distilling the science down into easy-to-understand principles so that every workout and its placement in a training cycle makes sense. She seems to know when to push me outside of my comfort zone, when to hold me back, when I need encouragement, and when I need someone to believe in me.”

~Laurie H.


“Running under 1:27 was absolutely awesome. Coach Claire and I weren’t sure if I could run 6:30 pace when I was tired. Turns out I can’t. I can run 6:20’s!  I ran a conservative first half (thanks to good insight from Coach Claire) and had a strong finish. Instead of getting caught up trying to run with the lead pack I let them go early and just ran my own race.  I’m ecstatic!”

~Jay M.

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