Running can both add stress and relieve it. Here’s how life stress affects your runs and […]
protein for runners
Confused about how much protein is optimal for good health and great performance? Let’s go into […]
overuse injuries in runners
The most common treatments for running injuries might actually be slowing your healing. Find out the […]
Winter is coming! Learn how to dress for fall running so you aren’t too hot or […]
homemade hydration powder
You know you are supposed to hydrate.  You know sweat is salty and you should probably […]
More people than ever are learning the benefits of being a plant-based runner. Plants provide an […]
faster as a master
Yes, you can run faster in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond! Learn how to get […]
marathon taper
The marathon taper is a critical part of making sure you are at your peak on […]
marathon goal
How do you KNOW if you can run your marathon goal?  I’ll reveal seven signs that […]
Running strides are easy, effective, and help you run faster in less than 90 seconds! What […]

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