vegan snacks for runners
Recovery snacks for runners should be three things: simple, healthy, and delicious. These are the best […]
claire bartholic, trail running downhill
Want to build better legs? You know, tough, durable legs that can tackle anything without getting beat up? Sprinkle in some downhills. Coach Claire Bartholic shows you how.
easy running to get fast
It seems paradoxical, but slowing down will make you a faster runner.  What most uncoached runners […]
five minute strength training for runners
The five minute strength training routine that all runners need to maximize their training in a minimum amount of time!
balance for runners
Learn how simple balance training can help you avoid running injuries and run faster.
mental toughness for runners
Want to know how to build mental toughness for runners? Claire gives away some of her top tips for flexing your mental muscles!
mesa phoenix marathon
How Claire Bartholic, an average mom, transformed herself into a champion marathoner
avoid tummy trouble on the run
Tips for a training your tummy and having a happy running belly It’s no secret that […]
exhausted on track
There are some runners I coach who hate speedwork.  They talk to me about dreading, hating, […]
How many calories do you burn running a mile?  If you said 100, that’s a pretty […]

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