Most running and nutrition plans give you limited results because they don't focus on the root of success: your mind.

Learn to harness the power of your mind, optimally fuel with plant-based nutrition, and discover the joy of running your best at any age.

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Coach Claire

Coach Claire has helped hundreds of real runners chase their dreams and conquer what they never thought possible. Her coaching philosophy combines science-based training, plant-based running nutrition, and proven mindset techniques to unlock every runner's true potential.

She's a certified vegan running coach, sports nutrition specialist, mom, and borderline obsessive plant lover.

As an athlete herself, she went from a 4:02 first marathon all the way to a 2:58 finishing time at the age of 42, entirely plant-based. She coaches vegan, plant-based, and plant-curious runners to achieve the same dramatic success, from those on a walk-run program, general fitness, up to high-level athletes.

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Coach Claire has helped hundreds of real runners reach goals they never dreamed possible.

Here are a few of their stories:

Rachel// Marathon

I had Coach Claire in mind for months! Mostly due to her amazing podcast. Her blogs and recipes are a must too! Once I started working with her, running felt super enjoyable. As the training went on, I noticed the increase in speed and strength gains, as well as feeling great! No workout burnouts or overtraining. The speeds I’m at now are speeds I only dreamed of before working with her. Coach Claire cares how you feel, how your run was, what your goals are, and understands how life can get into your training schedule. She motivates me to be my best and gives exceptional feedback. Coach Claire knows the research behind the why’s us runners ask. I’m a big fan of how she brings science into the equation of running. Working with her has made me a smarter, healthier, stronger, and faster runner.

Katie//Half Marathon

Claire is wonderful to partner with if you are looking to push forward in your running journey. She listens to you and ensures the plan works with your goals and your daily life.

Ameila// 5k

I started working with Coach Claire with the goal of a fast 5k in mind.  I finished the quarter with that and something even better.  Through the training program, I rekindled my love of running.  Working together virtually gave me the accountability I needed and the strcuture and resources I never would have found on my own.

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Shane// 5k

I had the pleasure of working with Coach Claire with the goal of increasing top end speed and producing a PB in the 5K. In 4 short months, Coach Claire's holistic approach (mind, speed, and strength training) has made mefaster and a more well rounded runner and athlete. The time I worked with Coach Claire was hugely impactful; informative and transformative. Coach Claire is a wealth of knowledge and an accomplished runner herself. From the 5K to the marathon; seasonedveteran to beginner, I would highly recommend working with Coach Claire to take your running and wellness to the next level.

Colleen// Marathon

I began working with Coach Claire in preparation for my first marathon. She was encouraging when the workouts were tough, and taught me to trust the process. It was Coach Claire’s belief in me, and her positive and realistic feedback through the process, that helped me hit my goals, and the result was a BQ in my first marathon! Coach Claire clearly loves running and coaching runners of all ages and abilities. I’m eager to see where her coaching will take my running next!

Tony// Marathon

Claire is a gift. I’ve been fussing and fretting about my training for weeks now. This feels so much better and right for where I am right now!

Run Faster, Fuel Smarter

 Feel Better

All successful outcomes start with a great plan.

Coach Claire will design your unique, science-backed plan based on your goals, lifestyle, and current fitness. No gimmicks, algorithms, or recycled workouts.  

This includes all your training, plant-based or vegan nutrition tips, and powerful mindset lessons with the accountability and care essential for your success.

Choose the Best Option for You

Custom Plan Only

Perfect for runners who want a high-end training plan which includes everything they need to train on their own to meet their goals.

PR Team

The sweet spot between DIY and 1:1 coaching. Join runners just like you for support, fun, and get access to exclusive features.

1:1 Coaching

Partner with Coach Claire to take your running to the next level.  Privacy, convenience, and direct access no matter what level of runner you are.

Your custom, interactive online schedule is powered by Final Surge, the premier coaching app and digital interface.  It seamlessly syncs with your GPS watch, mobile phone, and these partners:

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