Personalized, plant based running coaching 
designed with your uniqueness in mind

Truly personal coaching means there are no two plans that are alike. No gimmicks, algorithms, or recycled workouts. You get one-on-one coaching about plant-based or vegan running with Claire, a plan she designs just for you, with the accountability and care essential for your success.


Claire Bartholic has coached hundreds of real runners reach their personal bests.

Claire has helped athletes from all over the world achieve what they never thought possible, many of them above the age of 40. As an athlete herself, she went from a 4:02 first marathon all the way to a 2:58 finishing time at the age of 42, entirely plant-based.  

She coaches vegan, plant-based, and plant-curious runners to achieve the same dramatic success, from those on a walk-run program, general fitness, up to high-level athletes.

Claire’s Success Stories

Here’s what a few of her clients say:

I had Coach Claire in mind for months! Mostly due to her amazing podcast. Her blogs and recipes are a must too!

Once I started working with her, running felt super enjoyable. As the training went on, I noticed the increase in speed and strength gains, as well as feeling great! The speeds I’m at now are speeds I only dreamed of before working with her. Coach Claire cares how you feel, how your run was, what your goals are, and understands how life can get into your training schedule. She motivates me to be my best and gives exceptional feedback. Coach Claire knows the research behind the why’s us runners ask. I’m a big fan of how she brings science into the equation of running. Working with her has made me a smarter, healthier, stronger, and faster runner.


I have been working with Claire for over 2 years now.

Claire is the perfect coach for me because she gives me very challenging workouts while reminding me to celebrate successes along the way.

I am not a fast runner, but I never feel like she treats me any differently than anyone else. With Claire’s coaching and a lot of hard work, I have made great progress over the past two years. Not only have I established a new marathon PR, but I have also become a much stronger runner across all distances from 5k to 50k!

With all of that said, what I like best about Claire is that she is a good person with a kind heart. At this point, I think of her not only as my coach but also my friend and ally.


I began working with Coach Claire in preparation for my first marathon.

She was encouraging when the workouts were tough, and taught me to trust the process.

It was Coach Claire’s belief in me, and her positive and realistic feedback through the process, that helped me hit my goals, and the result was a BQ in my first marathon!

Coach Claire clearly loves running and coaching runners of all ages and abilities.

I’m eager to see where her coaching will take my running next!


Running and plants can
transform your life

Schedule your free consultation with Claire today to find out more about nourishing your body with a plant-based diet, building your best mindset, and becoming your fittest self.

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