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There’s an effort in running that is deceptively sweet.  It’s not slow enough to be called jogging, yet it’s not hard enough that it feels too challenging.  

To many it just feels like “real running.”

But if you spend too much time at this medium-effort comfy pace, like many runners do, it can sabotage your training and tank your improvement.

This is why it’s called the Gray Zone.  

On today's Planted Runner Podcast, you’ll learn:

  • why so many runners find themselves stuck in the gray zone

  • a better way to structure your training for better results, and

  • when it’s actually a great idea to stay in the gray.

Sticking to one pace most of the time is kind of like being stuck on a banana seat while all the other kids in the neighborhood have a 10-speed.  Let’s upgrade your ride!

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