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When most people start running, it’s to lose weight or get in better shape or to just try to be a little healthier.  But for many runners, there will come a time when you want to transform from a casual runner into an endurance athlete. 

Running itself really isn’t all that complicated.  Just put on a pair of shoes, wear something comfortable and head out the door.

It takes a while for running not to feel terrible for most people.  I hated it for probably close to a year.  But once you are at the point where running for 20-30 minutes isn’t a big deal, things start to get a lot more enjoyable.

And for some runners, this is their sweet spot.  

But other runners need something more.  

Working towards a goal can make the work more exciting and keep you motivated to keep improving.  Getting better at something that is inherently difficult is not for everyone, but runners are a special breed.

So how do you transform yourself from a casual runner into an endurance athlete?  How do you go from a basic level of running fitness into someone who completes endurance events for fun?

On this episode of the Planted Runner Podcast, I’ll tell you how.

I’m going to go over:

  • the most important aspects you’ll need to know when you are taking your running up another level
  • the advice I give my athletes of all abilities to do, and
  • the things that I wish I knew when I started getting more serious about running well.  

This is perfect if you’ve just fallen in love with running, but experienced runners will pick up a tip or two as well to break through a plateau or simply get a fresh perspective.

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