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If you want to reach your true potential, it’s not enough to just train your body. You need to train your mind. To become your best, you need to develop both the skills needed to push hard and the ability to pace and hold back.

Thankfully, both of those get better with time and practice.

On today’s episode of the Planted Runner Podcast, I invited the runner who literally wrote the book on pacing to teach you how to do it right.

Matt Fitzgerald has written over 30 books to date on everything to do with running and his new one “On Pace: Discover How to Run Every Race at Your Real Limit” is another must-read for runners.

We talk about:

  • what it means to pace properly
  • why most runners are naturally really bad at it, and
  • we also go over practical techniques that you can use today to get better at it yourself.

Matt is always great to talk to and I know you’ll come away from this conversation with some new ways to pace and race just a little closer to your true limits.

Get a copy of Matt's latest must-read for runners here.

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