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Eventually, if you run long enough, you’ll have knee problems.  At least, that’s what some people say.

The truth is running is actually quite good for your knees, but try telling that to a runner with knee pain.  After all, it’s called “runner’s knee” for a reason.

It’s clear that our knees can be a weak point, especially as we age.  So what can we do to ensure that we can run pain-free as long as possible?

Let’s find out.

On today’s show, I’m joined by doctor of physical therapy, Katherine Campbell

You’ll learn:

  • Why the structure of our knees can lead to pain, despite our best efforts,

  • How we can strengthen our entire body to avoid knee pain in the first place, and

  • She’ll even reveal how to improve with your lunges and squats, even if they cause you pain right now.

So if you’re a runner with knees, they might just be a little stronger by the end of this episode.

Welcome to the Planted Runner. I’m Coach Claire Bartholic and my mission is to help you improve your running, your mindset, and your life with science-backed training and plant-based nutrition.

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Don’t forget to stay tuned all the way to the end of the episode for another Mental Strength Minute. Fortify your mind in 60 seconds or less.


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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Cheers to year 2!! 🏃‍♀️

As someone who just began their running journey last year this podcast has been integral to building my confidence and success as a runner. I love how the podcast is structured, the length is perfect and never feels too repetitive, there’s always something helpful to discuss! The nutrition tips and strength training have been extremely helpful. I can’t believe it’s already been a year, I’ve listened to every single episode and look forward to what’s to come in the future!



Thank you for saying the silent part out loud! As a fellow female runner of a proud 54 1/2 (throwback to childhood) it’s so helpful to listen to women talk out loud about menopause, the affects, no matter the level of severity, and tips on how to fight back! I love my aging body and what it’s still capable of doing, rather than focusing on what it can no longer do. Love your podcast! Keep fighting! 🙂


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Great information!

These podcasts are very helpful! As a long time runner, I’m always interested in new information on training, recovery, and nutrition to improve my running. Can’t wait until the next episode!


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