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Better running form makes a huge difference in running your best.  But you can't just go out and try to run with better form.  Well, at least not for very long.

Your body will soon revert back to however you always run once your mind starts thinking about what's for dinner or what you're doing this weekend.

BUT there are great ways to train your mind and your body to run better.  It's just that most of them don't happen on the run.

Want to know who arguably has the best running form in the world?  Of course, it's the non-arguably best marathoner who's ever lived, Eliud Kipchoge.

On today's Planted Runner Podcast, you’ll learn:

  • exactly why his form is so good 

  • what good running form should feel like

  • how you can get a little closer to running like the best in the world

Spoiler alert:  You won't ever run like Kipchoge.  Not even the rest of the elites run like him.  But he can teach us to run better in our own unique way.

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