I love coffee.  Probably even more than I love running. I drink about a half a […]
plant based running coach, vegan running, marathon training
It happens at the end of every marathon.  People who seem so strong and confident are […]
Running a sub 3 hour marathon – me? The whole thing was a pretty crazy idea. […]
Order a salad in any restaurant and your enterprising, upselling server will inevitably ask you, “and […]
Before you ask, no, I’m not going to Boston this year. But we have so many […]
When I first saw this recipe from the Olives for Dinner blog for salt-roasted carrot lox that […]
I buy a lot of bananas.  I can’t help it.  When the lonely onlies are bagged […]
So I bought a treadmill. But not for the reason most runners buy treadmills. It’s not […]
When cooler weather sets in, I want comfort food.  Steamy bowls of something hearty and filling […]
When you are dating someone seriously, the question people always ask is, “So, when you are […]

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