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“Lose weight or die,” Martinus Evans was told by his doctor.

He was so angry that he decided to run marathons, but without focusing on weight loss.

Along his movement journey, he started a movement of thousands with the Slow AF Running Club.

Evans’s story is one of dramatic accomplishment at any size, any speed, or any color. This is an exploration of a movement of back of the packers who are taking their rightful place on the race course working just as hard, if not harder, than anyone else.

Martinus and I talk about:

  • His story and why weight loss and marathon running don’t always go together,
  • How training has to be done differently for slower runners, and
  • How to find an accepting community of runners, no matter what your pace.

You can probably guess with a name like the Slow AF Running Club that the language in this conversation is going to get a little colorful. We’ve chosen not to censor out the cuss words to keep this authentic.

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Thank you Clare for the amazing podcast, it’s literally the all non professional runners holy grail to run a sub 3 marathon and grab that BQ. Im learning more and more about my mistakes reading your stories form Instagram an listening to your podcasts and it’s opening me a new spectrum of things and what’s to do to don’t fail ilke many times before. Im hoping that this year will be my sub 3 at Berlin so i can have that thrilling moment when i cross the finish line and knowing that Ive achieved that. Your tips are so simple to follow and so helpful. Thank you for sharing your experience with us to make us a better runners. Greetings from Croatia, Rudi


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Newbie Runner Gaining Inspiration

I really enjoyed the episode about the spirituality of running. What an unexpected topic! As a new runner I felt relieved to experienced runners say the first mile is always the hardest.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Great Podcast!

Highly recommend listening to this podcast! I am a high school runner in xc and track, and although I am not plant based, I find so much good information in this podcast and thoroughly enjoy listening to it! Claire is relatable, fun to listen to, and she plans out her podcasts well so she’s not rambling on and on but isn’t boring either. She has great questions to ask interviewers and great advice! Thanks for a good podcast for all runners out there! 🙂


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