Run with Me This Winter in San Diego!

Raise your hand if four days running in sunny San Diego, CA in February sounds pretty great. Oh, yeah!

We’ll be running along the beach, on the trails, in beautiful weather with gorgeous scenery!  Along with the other Runners Connect coaches, we’ll be teaching classes on training, nutrition, strength training and more.

And we’ll be staying in these cute cabins!

We are still finalizing the exact itinerary, but it’s going to be so. much. fun!  And we’ll be sure to leave plenty of time to see the amazing city of San Diego!


To learn more about the details click this link and sign up today!

You know you want to…


2 Replies to “Run with Me This Winter in San Diego!”

  1. Colleen Balling says: Reply
    It sounds pretty amazing! Tim and I are looking forward to it...let the countdown begin!
    1. That's awesome, Colleen! Looking forward to seeing you and Tim again.

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