running warm ups
Tempted to skip your running warm up? You’ll feel better and perform better if you invest […]
awesome runners
If you’re not feeling like an awesome runner these days, it’s time for a change. One […]
lose weight running
Not everyone will lose weight with running and some marathoners actually gain weight! Learn how you can balance weight loss and performance.
leg cramps marathon
If you have ever suffered from leg cramping at the end of a marathon, there is a simple (although not easy!) solution.
Ah, summer.  The warm, sunny days, and short nights are perfect for getting outside and savoring […]
marathon goal
Learn the best strategy to race faster, stay steady until the end, and cross that finish […]
run in heat
Summer is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere and while longer days leave lots more time […]
fuel marathon
Proper fueling for the marathon can be the difference between the race of your life and […]
claire bartholic easy running
Can slow running make you faster? It's true. Coach Claire Bartholic explains the science of easy runs and how they will benefit your running.
do you race too much
Can racing too often derail running progress? Coach Claire Bartholic explains how and when to race to ensure it helps your running goals!

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