It happens at the end of every marathon.  People who seem so strong and confident are […]

Running a Sub 3 Hour Marathon: An Exercise in Patience Running a sub 3 hour marathon […]
Before you ask, no, I’m not going to Boston this year. But we have so many […]
When you are dating someone seriously, the question people always ask is, “So, when you are […]
I am finally a three-hour marathoner.  Not a sub-three-hour marathoner, but a three-almost-on-the-nose marathoner. I imagine […]
Every marathon I’ve run is a completely different experience than the last. It’s the same distance […]
One of my favorite parts of my job coaching at Runners Connect is stepping behind the […]
I’ve just finished one of the heaviest training weeks I’ve had so far this marathon cycle: […]
After taking the spring off of racing marathons, I am so ready to get back to […]
I feel so good about this one. My goal for Charleston was to have a happy […]

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