faster as a master
Yes, you can run faster in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond! Learn how to get […]
marathon goal
How do you KNOW if you can run your marathon goal?  I’ll reveal seven signs that […]
Running strides are easy, effective, and help you run faster in less than 90 seconds! What […]
best food before a run
Learn exactly what are the best foods to eat before running to fuel your best workouts! […]
tempo runs
A tempo run, or a threshold run, is a classic workout with a lot of benefits […]
plant based runner
Strength training for runners helps you run faster, lowers your injury risk, and helps you slow aging. Learn exactly what runners need!
running warm ups
Tempted to skip your running warm up? You’ll feel better and perform better if you invest […]
awesome runners
If you’re not feeling like an awesome runner these days, it’s time for a change. One […]
lose weight running
Not everyone will lose weight with running and some marathoners actually gain weight! Learn how you can balance weight loss and performance.
leg cramps marathon
If you have ever suffered from leg cramping at the end of a marathon, there is a simple (although not easy!) solution.

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