My dining room table looks like this.

A local fabric shop was going out of business and I decided to stock up on a few yards of fabric with the intention of making running shorts, tops,  and swimsuits myself.  I consider myself an intermediate seamstress, but I like to play around and get creative.

Today I finished up my first pair of running shorts!  It was definitely a hack job with lots of trying on and resewing, but I think they turned out pretty well.  I took them for a test run today and they did the job.

Once I get more proficient at it, I’ll post a tutorial.  Today’s shorts are basic black, but I’ve got a pretty blue floral and a bold leopard print that I think will be really fun.  I tried to take a decent picture of my butt in the new shorts, but I’m not that flexible or talented with a camera (yet!).

Next on the sewing list is a new tank.  Summer is nearly here and I could definitely use a few more.  Hopefully it will be a little simpler than the shorts, but we’ll see.  I got a few yards of black mesh as well with the idea to do a mesh back on a few for maximum airflow.  Really looking forward to this project, especially since I have not really been loving what I’ve seen in stores lately.

Tomorrow is the Earth Fare 5K. I haven’t done much speed work since before Boston so the idea is to use this race as my baseline for the summer.  It’s flat and fast and should have some good competition.  Already feeling a bit nervous, but excited-nervous!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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