A Big Announcement!

As many of you know, I’ve been coached by an online coaching program called Runners Connect for the past year.  Developed by former Hansons-Brooks member and 2:22 marathoner Jeff Gaudette, Runners Connect is an online coaching service and community.  A team of coaches create a running schedule based on your goals and fitness level, you log […]

Time for a Tune Up

This Saturday, I’ll be lacing up my racing flats for the inaugural French Broad River Half Marathon.  It is exactly three weeks before my goal marathon and I’ll be racing it as a tune up for Richmond. Three weeks out is not exactly the ideal time to race hard before a marathon, but it’s pretty […]


Yesterday was the longest long run of this marathon cycle training for the Richmond Marathon on November 12.  Twenty-two miles.  That capped off my biggest volume week at just over 82 miles. I’ve run 80 miles per week in both of my last two marathons, but this was the best so far.  I feel strong […]

The Protein Thing

I was raised to believe that a balanced meal included a veggie, a grain, and a portion of meat.  When I was old enough to cook and too old for after-school babysitters, I remember dumping a box of instant scalloped potatoes in a Pyrex, stirring the orange cheese dust and potato poker chips with some […]