And the Winner Is…Richmond!

It’s official.  I’ve got my goal race!  Today was the final day to register before the price increase, so I signed up for the Richmond Marathon, 135 days away on November 12.  (I’m a sucker for a deadline to save $10!) It looks like a beautiful course along the James River.  Not too flat, but […]

Get in the Woods

I ran in the woods today.  Perhaps that’s not some grand statement, but for me, a mid-week, mid-day trail run is a bit of an accomplishment. I’m good at excuses for not trail running.  It’s a hassle to plan and drive 10-15 minutes there and back when I can just run from my door.  For […]

Missing the Marathon

I knew this was coming. As much as I’ve needed a break from training for a marathon, I’ve been searching online for my next one.  Here are the contenders: Seven Bridges Marathon, Chattanooga, TN, October 16, 2016  Set in downtown Chattanooga, this course weaves over the Tennessee River.  There’s not a ton of elevation change, […]

Race Report: Pop Up Mile

The mile.  As runners we think about our pace per mile before, during, and after every run.  It is part of our vocabulary when talking about running. Even non-runners have a sense of how fast a fast mile is.  We all grew up dreading the mile race in gym class (in theory, maybe some people […]

Pillowy Chocolate Pancakes

Weekends almost always start with pancakes in my house. Preferably chocolate pancakes. Pancakes not only make a fun breakfast, they freeze well and make good trail food.  I like a nice thick smear of almond butter between two chocolate pancakes for a slightly sweet and filling snack on the run. If you’ve never heard of […]