It’s official.  I’ve got my goal race!  Today was the final day to register before the […]
I’ve been experimenting adding more healthy fats into my diet lately.  When I’m training hard for […]
If you run often enough, it will happen to you.  A stranger in a pickup truck […]
I ran in the woods today.  Perhaps that’s not some grand statement, but for me, a […]
I knew this was coming. As much as I’ve needed a break from training for a […]
The mile.  As runners we think about our pace per mile before, during, and after every […]
One of my first jobs when we moved to Asheville in 2001 was working in the […]
A few weeks ago, Jus’ Running started offering track workouts on Tuesday mornings in addition to […]
Even though the official start of summer is still a week away, it definitely feels like […]
Weekends almost always start with pancakes in my house. Preferably chocolate pancakes. Pancakes not only make […]

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