plant based plate
Build a better plant based plate with these tips! Once you’ve decided to make the transition […]
best food before a run
Learn exactly what are the best foods to eat before running to fuel your best workouts! […]
instant pot lentil sloppy joes vegan
This easy, vegan Instant Pot Lentil Sloppy Joes recipe is full of fiber, protein and iron and flavor. Don't forget the pickles!
vegan oil free green pea walnut pesto
I love pesto, and grow lots of basil each year so I can make it ALL. […]
plant based bowl
Runners need more protein than those who don’t exercise. You might think it’s hard to get […]
vegan snacks for runners
Recovery snacks for runners should be three things: simple, healthy, and delicious. These are the best […]
do you race too much
Tips for a training your tummy and having a happy running belly It’s no secret that […]
Counting calories to lose weight is misleading and often frustrating., even on a vegan or plant based diet. Here's what to do instead.
plant based bowl
Trying a whole-food plant-based diet is surely going to be a resolution for a lot of […]
oven dried tomatoes for runners
Oven-dried tomatoes are great for runners. And they are one of my favorite ways to save […]

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