On my long run a couple days ago, I noticed the serviceberry trees in town were […]
I’m skipping track this week.  My schedule called for my speed work to be done today […]
I have a hard time spending money on things that I can make easily myself. Making […]
I’m a member of several local running social media groups where people often post upcoming running […]
Well that was fun!  Today I was the rabbit for the Girls on the Run 5K […]
I wish I could say I loved dates.  They are simple, portable, perfect ratio of carbs […]
If you are a runner with kids and are looking for inspiration, check out Stephanie Bruce.  […]
The Newton is the one workout of the year that we love to hate.  It sounds […]
During my last marathon taper, I knew I needed something new to keep me from going […]
I signed up for the Earth Fare 5K since it’s one of the few flat courses […]

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