A Little Racing, A Lot of Luck

It’s been said that comparison is the thief of joy. Except when you win.  Then comparison is awesome. Well, sort of. When you put your toe on the starting line and then you cross the finish line before the rest of those in your field, it’s a wonderful feeling.  Sure, there are always people out […]

ZERO 5K Race Report. New PR!

Have you ever noticed how little kids run?  They shoot out and sprint everywhere they go and quickly fade to a walk.  They have no experience with pacing or patience and just give it all they’ve got from the beginning.  It’s a beautiful image of joy and freedom, but it’s a really stupid way to […]

Downhill at Dusk 5K Race Report

Well, that was fun!  Normally, I don’t describe racing or even running in general as “fun.”  Most of the time, running is just good ol’-fashioned hard work.  I get a sense of accomplishment, it gives me a good body-cleansing sweat, and it feeds my need for self-improvement. I love running, but I’m not the type […]

Chamber Challenge 5K Recap

Sometimes it’s more fun to be a spectator than race.  The Jus’ Running Racing team had four teams of four racing today and with my 5K race tomorrow, I decided to bring the kids and cheer the group on instead.   There was no relief for the runners from the traditional heat and humidity that […]