There are two types of people in this world: breakfast people and non-breakfast people.  I am […]
Last weekend was my son’s seventh birthday.  Instead of a cake, he wanted apple pie.  So […]
Most runners cringe at the word “jog.”  If a non-runner asks, “How was your jog?”  the […]
For my kids who have a year-round calendar, it’s already back to school.  So that means […]
The idea of functional movement seems to everywhere for me lately.  How can we move well […]
I am not the type of person to play games on my phone.  I’d rather read […]
“I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything’s right,” Paolo Nutini sings.  There’s just something about […]
I nearly always run with headphones.  Not on the track or the trails, but whenever I’m […]
What a difference 2000 feet makes!  That and a 15-hour drive north.  Running along Lake Ontario […]

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