What’s for Breakfast?

There are two types of people in this world: breakfast people and non-breakfast people.  I am definitely a breakfast person.  I typically wake up hungry and head to the kitchen in my pajamas.  The idea of running before breakfast is just horrifying. Some people swear by the fasted run to help encourage fat-burning.  This is […]

Chocolate Hummus

For my kids who have a year-round calendar, it’s already back to school.  So that means the struggle to make healthy, tasty, nut-free lunches is on.  One kid likes sandwiches, the other doesn’t.  One kid loves avocados, the other hates them.  One will eat last night’s leftovers, the other won’t touch them.  It’s almost enough […]

Catching Pokemon Catchers

I am not the type of person to play games on my phone.  I’d rather read an interesting article than play a video game. So of course, I don’t know anything about Pokemon Go, the latest mobile game craze.  But as an outside observer, it is fascinating and is clearly changing behavior, quite hilariously. At […]

Escaping With a Good Podcast

I nearly always run with headphones.  Not on the track or the trails, but whenever I’m out for a run alone, I’m listening to something. I used to listen to music exclusively.  Upbeat, current pop/dance music gets my feet moving a little faster and the time goes by a little quicker.  I still listen to […]