I’ve been waiting nearly three years to write this. When Tina Muir, the original host of […]
That. Was. Amazing. I have just returned from Europe where I went to coach our first […]
Raise your hand if four days running in sunny San Diego, CA in February sounds pretty […]
I have loved camp since I was seven years old. Campfires, shared meals with new friends, […]
It’s been so much fun being a part of the Runners Connect 2017 Nutrition Summit! To […]
Taper week can do some crazy things to runners.  Some people feel nervous and anxious about […]
Tomorrow begins the last full week before the Richmond Marathon.  After two months of dry, warm […]
As many of you know, I’ve been coached by an online coaching program called Runners Connect […]
With just over two months to go until Richmond, my Tuesday workouts are getting much more […]
It’s written on the back of all their coffee mugs:  the mind is the athlete.  And […]

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